The AUDIENCES area of the Theater Network coordinates different programs and actions to strengthen partner theaters in matters of audience training and loyalty.

#AudiencesNetwork Program

This program offers direct funding and support for theaters to implement creative initiatives and training audiences.
Each theater can opt for funding of a single free ticket show for vulnerable sectors of the population that face higher barriers to access these plays, such as elderly people, handicapped people, immigrant communities, schools from lower resources areas, among others.
Funded shows are performed along with activities that encourage greater connection between these groups and theatrical creations, so our professionals provide company and training in the subject.
The Theater Network expects to contribute to the diversification of the audience profiles that attend the shows of our theaters, and to position them as inclusive spaces in their territories.



Achieve greater frequency and commitment of the people that frequent the artistic offerings of the relevant space.


Attract further people with a similar profile of those who already attend (generally people that frequent other cultural spaces.


Attract sectors of the population that do not participate in cultural spaces due to barriers that hinder their access to the artistic offer.

Our Audiences

To generate loyalty in the current audiences for each of our partner theaters, the relevant team provides counseling and support to implement specific actions that foster direct and custom communication between the theaters and their audiences, improve the experience in each visit, and encourage their participation and involvement in each of these spaces.

Knowing the audience is the starting point to generate actions aimed at their training and loyalty. This is why our Audiences team lead studies that contribute in this direction.

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