The 2019 edition of the Night of the Theaters had to adapt to the new scenario brought upon by the social unrest that began on October 18. Facing this context, the decision was made to convert this activity to a broader cycle that allowed theaters to prepare themselves without facing the pressure of a specific day.

This is how the Cycle of the Theaters was born, carried out between November 22 and December 22, with 38 shows in most of the spaces that offered exhibitions during this period.

As with the original activity, the Network subsidized the purchase of one or more showing depending on the space, and, even though cultural centers and university theaters did not receive this funding, some of these could also join the initiative and offer a variety of shows that gathered an important audience in a time filled with hardships for the industry. In the press: Cycle of the Theaters: A whole month to see excellent plays only at $1000 CLP (La Tercera, Spanish)