Since 2006, May 11th has been the National Theater Day in Chile. This date was chosen to honor the birthday of director Andrés Pérez, a key figure in the national scene and creator of La Negra Ester, a classic Chilean play.

As part of Network’s strategy for audiences, and thanks to the Intermediation Program by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, (current Program for the Strengthening of Cultural Organizations), this date has become essential in the local programming, as free tickets are given so new audiences can access the shows of every theater in the Network.

Over a thousand free tickets were given away for the 2019 edition, to access 23 shows in the then 20 spaces of the Theater Network, including premieres, critics’ choice plays, family plays, dance, and the inauguration of a puppet festival.

All the tickets were distributed in less than three hours from two ticket booths in the facade of our Teatro del Puente. Each person could opt for up to four tickets for their chosen show.