The Night of the Theaters was established in 2013 to celebrate the creation of the first joint theater network in Chile: The Theater Network of the Metropolitan Region. To celebrate with the audience, tickets are exceptionally sold at $1000 to access each show in a network theater.

For six consecutive years, the Theater Network of the Metropolitan Region organized a night dedicated to captivating new audiences and encouraging the development and dissemination of national performing arts, counting with the collaboration of multiple initiatives and cultural platforms during its existence. Each version had flamboyant opening shows in the public area, where people would gather to pick up tickets for an extended period.

In 2019, due to the social unrest and listening to the legitimate requests of the citizens, we transformed our traditional celebration into the Cycle of the Theaters, allowing audiences to choose among several “Nights” in our different theaters, whose tickets had to be bought on the same day, also at $1000.