The Theater Spaces Network of Santiago (Chile), established in 2013, is a non-profit trade association that arises from the collaboration of various performing arts venues in the Metropolitan Region.

Its purpose is to highlight the cultural contribution of performing arts for the comprehensive development of individuals, promoting the collaboration of spaces dedicated to the development of performing arts, with an emphasis on theater. Therefore, its objectives are:

a) To promote collaboration among theater venues for the development of performing arts through regional, national, and international connections.

b) To disseminate and promote the performing arts of the associated venues within the Network.

c) To strengthen the associated venues within the Network through training, seeking funding, and space development.

d) To establish the political role of the Theater Spaces Network to influence cultural policies related to performing arts in the region and the country.

e) To ensure the sustainability of the Theater Spaces Network within the performing arts system.

In 2016, the Theater Spaces Network secured significant funding from the Intermediation Program of the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritage (formerly the National Council for Culture and the Arts), marking a crucial step towards the association’s consolidation and program execution.

In the subsequent years (2017 and 2018), the Network once again obtained funding from the Ministry of Culture’s Intermediation Program, which ensured the continuity and strengthening of activities such as the Night of Theaters, the National Theater Spaces Meeting, the mass distribution of tickets on National Theater Day, and collaborative work with other cultural entities.

In 2019, the Network was awarded the now-called Cultural Organizations Strengthening Program (PAOCC), also provided by the Ministry, thereby solidifying its role as a crucial support in the professionalization of the theater sector and audience development.

Currently, the Theater Spaces Network is a Trade Association comprised of 28 performing arts venues, promoting collaboration and networking among its members.

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