The Theater Network, created in 2013, is a non-profit trade association built upon the engagement of the many spaces for the dissemination of performing arts located in the Metropolitan Region.

Its mission is to promote the associativity of the spaces devoted to the development of performing arts, looking to place value on the activities of this sector. Therefore, its goals aim to encourage strategies for financing and institutional strengthening, developing strategies for training audiences and joint strategies for marketing, and dissemination for both the Network and its partner theaters.

In 2016, the Theater Network was awarded important funds thanks to the Program of Intermediation of Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (former National Council of Culture and Arts), taking a key step towards consolidating the association and the implementation of the program.

During the following years (2017 and 2018), the Network was once again awarded the Program of Intermediation of the Ministry of Culture, guaranteeing the continuity and financing of activities such as the Night of Theaters, the National Theater Meeting, the mass distribution of tickets for National Theater Day, and joint work with other bodies of the cultural scene.

In 2019, the Network was awarded the now called Program for Strengthening Cultural Organizations, also by the Ministry of Culture, solidifying its role as a fundamental support for the professionalization of the theater sector and audience training.

Today, the Theater Network is a trade association formed by 25 theaters, promoting joint networking between its members. Among other actions and historic milestones achieved by the Network, there is the creation of a Manifest and a diagnostic assessment of the situation of theaters; the participation as a speaker in seminars (Santiago and regions), and the work with the Performing Arts Platform during the whole process of promoting the Law of Performing Arts, passed in 2019.



Tania Rebolledo

Teatro UC


Catalina Tapia

Teatro Ictus


Guillermo Ugalde

Teatro La Memoria


Katherine Staig

Espacio Vitrina


Felipe Mella

Centro GAM