The Ibero-American Network of Stage Spaces (RIEE) was founded with the mission to bring together partner networks and their projects, looking to position itself as a solid international platform around the scene.

Alternative Halls Network (Spain)

Formed by 46 spaces, it was born in 1992 as the State Coordinator of Alternative Halls. It began as a research movement on stage creations and projects, focused on supporting and dynamizing the value chain around the contemporary scene (exhibition, formation, residency).

With 103 spaces as of today, this association was created in Buenos Aires in 1998, meeting the need for alternative theaters to take joint actions and finding agreements. ARTEI represents independent theaters of Buenos Aires that provide heterogeneity, diversity, and originality on their productions and teaching methods.

Santiago Theater Network (Chile)

Consisting of 23 theaters, it was created in 2013 as a trade association promoting joint work between its members, as an essential support for the professionalization of the performing arts sector and audience formation. Since its inception, its strategies have focused on institutional strengthening, audience development, and dissemination of the Network and partner theaters.

Including 11 spaces, RECIO was born in 2017 in Mexico City as a civil association looking to influence public policies and improve the regulations on independent theaters, and the operativity and management of public theater exhibitions.


Raise Awareness

  • Size the sector of independent creation theater, in its first step, narrowing down to the 183 spaces of the four Ibero-American networks, to include more networks or spaces in the second step.


  • Systematize, organize, and accurately classify the information of spaces to ease inquiries via filters.

Articulate and Institutionalize

  • Information and creation of virtual mesh: we describe each network, how it works, their projects, economic support, strategic orientation, relationship with the rest of the sector, and a basic description of the administrative, social, legal, and economic context on which they perform.


  • Bank of opportunities: Looking to join intentions, affinities, or preferences regarding performing arts for easy creation of relationships between interested parties, we will create a bank of opportunities that will detail specific calls on certain subjects in the Ibero-American sphere.
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