Anfiteatro Bellas Artes

Located in Parque Forestal, on the north side of the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Fine Arts Amphitheater is the first theater in Santiago for puppet theater, objects, and animated shapes. Through work focused on audience loyalty, this space has managed to establish itself and extend its influence in the territory. It is notorious for “passing the hat around” when collecting money to view the shows.

Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral

The Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM) is focused on the access to culture and training audiences, and hosts shows of theater, dance, classical and popular music, and visual and popular arts. It was founded on September 2010 with the goal to create content, culture, and experiences from its location in the heart of Santiago de Chile.

Espacio Vitrina

Espacio Vitrina is a place for the creation and investigation of the contemporary scene. It is in Providencia, Santiago, within the cultural circuit of the capital. This theater offers various plays both from the La Vitrina art collective and other companies, as well as music cycles and the forum Scenes of the XXI Century. During the year there are several workshops and seminars, both national and international, related to dance and body movement.

La Máquina del Arte

La Máquina del Arte (The Art Machine) is a Theatrical Investigation Center created in 2006 by Ángela Cabezas. A chamber theater stage with capacity for up to 80 viewers was implemented in 2014, as the first step for the research and creation work being carried out at the school, and also to provide a space for the work of budding companies.

Matucana 100

Non-profit cultural corporation focused on contemporary arts, securing access for audiences and generating spaces for debate, reflection and education, supporting creative independence and their relationship with audiences both local and international.

Sala Agustín Siré

Agustín Siré' Theater is located on the first level of the building that houses the Theater Department of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile and has a capacity of 140 seats. Its main is related to artistic and academic extension, being a fundamental platform within the theatrical work environment for diffusion and exhibition of their own productions.

Sala de Teatro Universidad Mayor

Over 13 years in the artistic national scene, since 2005, due to its design and the transformation capacities of the stage, this theater is a multi-space that hosts performing artists from Chile and abroad. Has a 90-seater capacity and offers 10 plays a year.

Sala Tessier

Tessier Hall promotes the theatrical arts, as its management looks to consolidate new audiences and provide spaces for the new voices of contemporary theater. Its mission is to be an inclusive and critical space that promotes the development of performing arts.

Taller Siglo XX Yolanda Hurtado

A former space for theater and arts during the eighties now hosts the workshop Siglo XX Yolanda Hurtado, thanks to the Hopmann-Hurtado foundation, providing a cultural space for arts, sciences, and education. In the heart of the busy Bellavista neighborhood, Siglo XX is ever-present in the cultural circuit of Santiago with current shows, open to new artistic expressions, and developed together with the community, who are always welcome to be surprised.

Teatro Azares

Teatro Azares is an independent theater that embraces the arts in its many disciplines, especially theater, providing stages for both new and established artists. It is known for its family shows, being one of the spaces in the city that offers kids shows every Saturday at different times.

Teatro Bellavista

Opened in 1994 as theater stage, it offers diverse shows, embracing all kinds of amateur and professional theatrical endeavors. It is a 100% independent room located in the heart of Bellavista neighborhood in Santiago.

Teatro Camilo Henríquez

The Camilo Henríquez theater of the Santiago Journalists Association is one of the oldest guild institutions of Chile, founded on August 25, 1907. One of the great achievements of this association was the construction of their headquarters during the early 50’s: an eight-story building, where the first floor was entirely dedicated for the Camilo Henríquez theater. In this stage, flagship works by playwrights such as Isidora Aguirre, María Asunción Requena, Luis Alberto Heiremans, Sergio Vodanovic, Antonio Acevedo Hernández, and Alejandro Sieveking were first presented, among others. Currently it is under the direction of actress Paulina Urrutia.

Teatro Camino

The Camino theater is a cultural space created by renowned actor Hector Noguera during the 90’s, and in 2000 it was set within the Ecologic Community of Peñalolén to develop many artistic activities. Theater, dance, and music have been present in the history of this space, where many famous national and international artists have performed, as well as many budding companies. Furthermore, the teaching area in under continuous development, encouraging kids and adults to take part of workshops that promote the live experience of theater.

Teatro de Bolsillo

Located in the heart of the historic Concha y Toro neighborhood, this theater is an old heritage manor known for showing plays by budding companies and actors soon-to-be graduated. It is directed by Ingrid Leyton, theater professor.

Teatro del Puente

Inaugurated in 1998, this theater is an independent space promoting young companies’ creations, emphasizing national drama, disseminating the work of companies that have started the search for a particular line of work, but that are still developing.

Teatro El Cachafaz

Since 1997, a piece of Buenos Aires has been kept in Santiago, where the best and worst tango dancers, actors and comedians of the country have performed. First in Guardia Vieja, then in Patio Bellavista and now in Italia Neighborhood, with our Varieté School, where classes are offered for many arts, as well as tango and stand-up comedy.

Teatro Finis Terrae

In January 1999, along with the opening of its Drama School, the Finis Terrae University inaugurated a new auditorium named Sala Finis Terrae. In 2007, a new auditorium was opened along with their new building. Across the years, and thanks to steady exhibitions, the auditorium established itself as a theater, along with the need to always improve its infrastructure and their services, to deliver better programming.

Teatro Ictus

60 years after its inception, Ictus Popular Theater is considered the oldest independent theater company in Latin America. The intergenerational dialog surged from the OIC program these past years have allowed to formulate creative, management, and extension initiatives for the theater and its La Comedia hall.

Teatro La Memoria

Founded by acclaimed actor and director Alfredo Castro, La Memoria theater opened its doors once again in 2019 under an innovative modelo of 4 resident companies. The work of the companies cohabiting this space is focused on joint work and the exhibition and reassembly of their own works, as well as opening their doors to other creators treating the themes shared by La Memoria.

Teatro Las Tablas

With two chamber rooms, this theater is a space where independent and long-running companies reside, while also hosting emerging artist that follow the idea of luring the audience with quality shows in diverse styles held together by entertainment.

Teatro Lospleimovil

Theater fully destined to theatrical improvisation. It is unique in Chile, and akin to the biggest improv clubs in Europe and North America. All shows are in a different format and staging, and the theater also has a bar to enjoy before or after each showing.

Teatro Mori

Mori Theater produces cultural shows, focused on the creation, production, and exhibition of projects of different performing and audiovisual arts. Mori currently has a network of 5 different rooms in the capital: Bellavista, Recoleta, Plaza Vespucio, Parque Arauco y Vitacura.

Teatro Nacional Chileno

The Chilean National Theater Company (TNCH), born as Experimental Theater of the University of Chile, came to life on June 22, 1941. The main driver for this initiative was Pedro de la Barra, also a great teacher. In 1954, the TNCH opened its current theater, Antonio Varas hall. Since 2019, it is under the direction of Cristian Keim.

Teatro Sidarte

Sidarte Theater was opened in 2007 thanks to the effort of the Actors Guild of Chile with the purpose of contributing to the promotion and development of the performing arts in the country. Sidarte promotes independent theater, hosting established and new creators, providing a place to amplify the critical voices that present innovative stories, current and relevant.

Teatro UC

UC Theater was founded in 1943, and since 1975 is in the heart of Plaza Ñuñoa as one of the oldest and most important theaters in Chile. Its mission is to create professional works, develop and disseminate artistic creations, instruct audiences, and encourage dialog in the society.

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